Welcome to Dr. Shenoy Dental clinic

We are a Multispeciality dental clinic based in Dubai for over 14 years our dental practice has thrived on providing quality dental treatment at reasonable prices. Patients are treated in a luxurious, relaxed atmosphere with state of the art equipment available in dentistry. Our cozy practice gives the patient a more personal feeling during their visit. We try to give particular solutions to dental problems with options to give smiles that people dream of.

Why Choose Us?


The relaxing and comfortable dust free and air-conditioned environment of the clinic helps patients to gain, or even regain, their confidence & overcome any apprehension. Our comfortable reception area, plush interiors, nice soothing music and highly trained hospitable staff make it more comfortable for the patient.

A fast complimentary Wi-Fi connection, and a computer station in reception allows even tight scheduled business persons to use their time efficiently, while their children are being cared for, and everyone to keep up to date on social media, or just plain surf.

By far the most popular is our massage chair, a great way to unwind from stress and before your appointment. Its even been known for patients to come in half an hour early, just to use it. And we haven’t forgotten the kids! Now we have a separate game zone especially for them, some kids don’t want to leave, they LOVE coming to see us!

With a relaxing adult waiting area, and our separate game zone for the kids, the kids have fun, and adults can relax.

This is how we care. We always go that extra mile


Mental Needs:  In this age of easy access to information, we realise that our patients are highly educated about the many different dental options, including new advances in materials and equipment. This means that today’s dental patients have many more questions than in the past. We further appreciate that today’s patients want answers, and in a language that makes sense to them.

Our goal at Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic is to provide these answers in terms our patients will understand.

We endeavour not to speak in jargon, a virtual foreign language to our patients, namely, ‘dental-ese’, just plain English, or Hindi, or Urdu, or Tagalog. We explain it clearly, so you understand. Knowledge is power, and we want to empower our patients with whatever information they require to make intelligent, informed decisions about their dental health care needs. When our patients are more knowledgeable, they are more at ease

In fact, we encourage our patients to hold us accountable as one of the preferred dental clinics in Dubai if we do not speak in a language that is easy to understand, or if we do not answer their questions to their full satisfaction. Our social media pages are a tribute to our staff’s hard work and professionalism.

Emotional Needs: Each member of the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic staff is focused and committed to addressing any anxieties and specific concerns our patients may have. We realise that many of our patients have trepidations about “a trip to the dentist”. We also understand that most of this trepidation is rooted in memories from past dental experiences.

At Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic, we take the time to interview every one of our new patients to determine what, if any, past experiences might contribute to present-day anxieties about dental treatment. Then we do our very best to avoid, eliminate and overcome whatever things from our patients’ past which have contributed to any lingering sense of anxiety or fear.

Your well being is our upmost concern.

Spiritual Needs: Patients are looking for doctors and medical support staff that they can trust.

In dental school, this was called “building a bond of faith and trust” and we understand that this bond of faith and trust is not something we should just expect our patients to hand over to us, it’s something we must, and do, earn. We create a bond of faith and trust by building relationships with our patients.

You can’t measure ‘faith’ by placing electrodes on a patient’s forehead and reading a measurement off some electronic gizmo, just as you can’t measure ‘trust’ from a blood test or other clinical signs. Faith, by nature, resides in the spiritual component of our psyche, so we strive to create a spirit of comfort and ease by looking after you, holistically.

To help us build this bond of faith and trust, we need to hear about our patients’ concerns. We call this “Actively Seeking Rejection”.

We proactively and continually interview our patients to ensure we’re meeting their needs as comprehensively as possible. Furthermore, we actually invite our patients to provide constructive criticism, because we believe that being open to hearing how we can do things even better, is the only way we’re going to improve.

Our entire team at the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing a level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care that will ensure that every visit is a positive experience in a warm, friendly and relaxing environment.

We ask you to hold us responsible for achieving our Mission Statement, just as we hold each other in our practice accountable.

Make your dream smile a reality!

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