Picture perfect teeth- Hurry In!

A radiant and welcoming smile is a very important aspect of presenting a youthful, healthy and active image. If you are embarrassed with your wide, close up smiles due to yellow and nasty stains on teeth caused by alcohol, food, or nicotine or exposure to fluorine? Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions for teeth whitening with us at Dr. Anand Shenoy Dental Clinic.

In-Office Teeth Whitening procedure in Dubai is performed by our hygienists in our clinic, and Home Teeth Whitening, where patients are given a specially crafted plate and a teeth whitening pack to use at home. You can choose any one of these to restore confidence in yourself so you can begin flaunting your stunning Picture perfect teeth- Hurry In!

Dr. Anand Shenoy in Dubai has vast expertise in performing many complex dental procedures including teeth whitening and Smile Makeover. Teeth whitening in Dubai such as white fillings, crowns or bridges, and enamel treatments are the most popular treatment.

The In-office procedure starts with cleaning the teeth and gums to expel tartar and plaque that may have developed. Our dental specialist then places rubber top on the gums to shield them from the of the laser impacts. Then he applies a whitening gel on the teeth after which the laser is connected. The laser light enables the gel crystals to penetrate the teeth’s polish and break up the stain. Since the gel crystals additionally have a buffing impact, the outcome is brighter and whiter teeth (up to 12 shades lighter).

An in-office system, laser teeth whitening procedure is painless and lasts for not more than 2 hours. You will notice immediate results after the procedure and these can last up to five years. A single sitting is sufficient to brighten the teeth with momentous results; however, our dental practitioner will suggest you if another session is required.

Benefits of teeth whitening in Dubai at Shenoy’s clinic are:

  • Highly effective in correcting tooth discoloration.
  • More Whitened teeth (up to 12 shades lighter).
  • The fast whitening solution with no side effects.
  • Long lasting white teeth
  • Less sensitivity
  • Gentle, comfortable and safe method.
  • Laser whitening uses a neutralizing agent and the gums are protected.
  • Performed by an experienced team.

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