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Gone are the days when dentistry was associated with just toothaches. The field of dentistry has evolved in recent times and restorative dentistry is an important sector of it. As the term suggests, restorative dentistry is the branch that deals with restoring teeth. The various treatments included in this branch encompass every sort of disciplines offered by dentistry, in order to achieve optimum dental health as well as aesthetically pleasing teeth. If you are looking for a restorative dentistry treatment to get a gorgeous smile, then you should seek for Dr. Anand Shenoy, as he is one of the best orthodontists in Dubai

A range of treatments from tooth whitening, root treatments, fillings, braces, bridges, crowns, veneers, bone and gum rebuilding & grafting, plastic gum surgery, and many others are included in restorative dentistry. Since restorative dentistry helps in correcting various oral conditions that a person suffers, it is recommended for any person who needs to bring a Hollywood smile on his or her face. Therefore, if you have damaged, decayed, misshaped or misaligned teeth, you should contact Dr. Anand Shenoy today. He will suggest you with the best restorative treatment that will suit all your requirements.

Let us take a look at the few common restorative treatments offered by this best orthodontist in Dubai:

  1. Dental implants: if you have one or more missing natural teeth, then you must go with a dental implant. These are the fixtures or roots made of titanium that is embedded within the jawbone to take the place of the missing tooth. After the process of an implant is completed, it is left to recover for a certain time. Bones are formed, encompassing the implant and providing it the necessary anchorage.
  2. Braces: if you have crooked or misaligned teeth or other dental problems like premature enamel wear, excessive tooth decay in areas that cannot be reached to clean, occlusions, crowded teeth and jaw misalignment due to the teeth, then braces should be considered. Today you can get many kinds of dental braces depending upon your choice and budget. These include ceramics, Invisalign, lingual, metallic and different others. According to your problem, Dr. Anand Shenoy will guide you about the best one that will treat your problem.
  3. Crowns and bridges: if you have missing or fractured teeth, or if you have lost your teeth because of tooth decay or injury, then crown and bridges should be considered. A fractured or broken tooth is capped by a crown to restore it’s original shape and size, while a bridge mimics your original tooth, fills the gap of one or more teeth to restore your smile.

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