Endodontics / Root Canal

Tooth decay is an infectious disease and no one is spared. When the decay reaches the nerve we experience dental pain. Toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain that anyone could experience. The only way to get rid of the pain and retain the tooth is by doing a Root Canal Treatment

Is it painful?

We are committed to you having a pain-free dental experience. Is it always possible? Not always, but almost always. That’s our goal at the Dr. Anand Shenoy’s Dental Clinic ! We have been told by patients that the doctor’s needles are amazing and that when an appointment is over, they couldn’t believe it was as painless as it was—even when it’s a root canal! With innovative techniques of modern day dentistry, root canals can be almost pain free.

Single visit root canals;

A lot of root canals can be done in just a single visit with cutting edge Principles of Rotary Endodontics in Dubai we can completely finish the whole root canal in selected cases within one visit itself .

Once the root canal treatment is completed we can also provide cosmetic fibre-reinforced posts and white fillings, then follow-up with all-porcelain cosmetic crowns to prevent future tooth fractures.

Our team of doctors is highly skilled with the use of “Rotary Endodontics” which is a very effective and fast way of doing root canals.

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