Gum Treatments

GUM DISEASE is one of the reason for losing the teeth, poor oral hygiene is the important cause for gingival and periodontal disease. Plaque when calcified is known as calculus sticks to the teeth and is not removed by simple tooth brushing calculus can be only removed by scaling which is done at our clinic with an ultrasonic instrument which removes this calculus however scaling helps to improve the health of your gums with out any harm to your teeth apart from this, scaling also removes any kind of stains that are present on the tooth surface

Gum depigmentation (aka gum bleaching) is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to remove black spots or patches on the gums caused by excessive melanin.

The normal color of the gum tissue (gingiva) is pink, but excess deposits of melanin (melanin gingival hyper pigmentation) can create what seem to be black spots or patches on the gums, creating an aesthetic or cosmetic problem. Discoloration may also be caused by long term use of certain medications.

A clinical assessment is carried out to customise the treatment to the patients needs, and the procedure itself involves minor surgical procedure removing a thin layer of epidermis containing cell pigments. This procedure is relatively painless with a quick recovery period of 24 hrs.

Polishing and bleaching are also done to improve your smile aesthetically. gingival surgery such as gingivectomy are also done as extended periodontal procedures.

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