Smile Makeover at Dr. Anand Shenoy Dental Clinic

Smile Makeover is a life enhancing procedure that is available only in some of the best dental clinics in Dubai. Shenoy Dental Clinic in Dubai is one of the most recommended dental clinics in Dubai which is equipped with state of the art facilities.

Dr. Anand Shenoy is renowned for his expertise in performing many complex procedures including Smile Makeover. Smile Makeover is the dental procedure with which the professional enhances the appearance of a smile. The different procedures that come under smile makeover are dental veneers, tooth implants, composite bonding, and teeth whitening.

There are a list of things that a dental professional considers before starting off the process of the smile makeover. The considerations include:

  • Facial appearance
  • Skin tone
  • Teeth (length, color, width, shape and display)
  • Gum tissue
  • Lips

All these things are considered so that an ideal, pleasant smile can be developed. People opt to get smile makeovers for a host of reasons and the main reason is to beautify their look. Smile makeover procedures are customized according to the considerations noted.

Experts at dental clinics in Dubai say that their patients are usually unhappy with their natural smile or your teeth and wish to get them improved. This is what a smile makeover is all about.

Some of the procedures that come under smile makeover are:

Teeth whitening is done to improve the color of stained or colored teeth. The color of the tooth and its exact shade are important considerations when preparing crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, implants and for composite bonding.

Alignment and Spacing: A dental professional can rectify crooked, overlapping teeth and can also cover up gaps between teeth through orthodontics or Invisalign.

Missing Teeth: People with missing teeth may feel embarrassed to smile. Cosmetic surgeons can help them by replacing them with bridges, implants, or partial dentures.

Balance: Having chipped, uneven, and cracked teeth is a problem. This can be rectified through cosmetic bonding to improve smile and overall appearance.

Fuller Lips and Cheeks: Lips and cheeks can enhanced with procedures such as orthodontics, oral maxillofacial surgery, etc.

Before proceeding with any of the above procedures, a cosmetic dentist will start working closely with the patient to develop an effective treatment plan. The plan is designed in a way to achieve what the patient wants. If you are looking for the best cosmetic services in Dubai, then approach Shenoy Dental Clinic and get a smile makeover today.

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